Your First Puppy Shopping List

Your First Puppy Shopping List

Apr 30 , 2020


Shopping online before bringing your puppy home is a smart option in this period of social isolation we are experiencing during Covid 19.  This will stop you from having to make rushed trips to the shop to pick up things that have been forgotten and put you and others at risk. 

  • Leash and collar – avoid those with ornaments attached as puppies are prone to chewing.
  • Food bowl – it’s fine to buy a bowl with the puppy’s adult size in mind but still only fill it with the amount that it should eat at its young age.  Stainless steel bowls are more durable than plastic or ceramic which a puppy might chew.
  • Water bowl – choose a bowl that is difficult to tip and which holds at least a litre of water.
  • Puppy chew toy – choose one to suit the breed and the size of the pup.
  • Soft toy – Choose a puppy-safe toy which does not have small pieces that can be chewed off and swallowed.
  • Dog crate– choose a mid size so your puppy can grow into it. Remember this will be their safe place. 
  • Dog bed – one with high sides helps to create a cosy spot to snuggle in to.
  • Grooming tools – a soft brush help get the puppy accustomed to being groomed.
  • Pet tag – tags are available for a puppy
  • Puppy pen or safety gate – to keep a pup contained in one area of the house or garden.
  • Urine neutraliser – bio enzymatic product to clean up after accidents.
  • Poo pick-up bags – attach them to the lead or keep them in puppy’s toilet spot.
  • Food – this may be provided by the breeder but if not, feed the same food as what the puppy was eating before it was collected.

Rita Malone